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Making a Lifestyle Choice

Choosing a Certified bookkeeper gives you more control over your business and finances and a better work / life balance.

Why choose New Balance Bookkeeping

Knowing that your bookkeeping will be handled by a professionally qualified certified bookkeeper and presented in an easy to understand way that you and your accountant will both love will make a significant difference.

Get More Done

Do you spend too much time bookkeeping and not doing other important tasks?

Don’t let HMRC issues be over-taxing for you

Have you budgeted for your tax commitments?

Do you know how much you are likely to owe?

Are you risking nasty tax office fines and penalties?

Do you have enough time to work on and build your business without working morning, noon and night?


Certified bookkeepers can fix any problems expertly and professionally.

Pay Less/Earn More

Would you pay less in accounting fees if your accounts were up-to-date and correct?
Are you confident that you’re claiming the correct amount of allowances each year?
Could you earn extra revenue in the time you spend doing your own bookkeeping?

A certified bookkeeper can help eliminate trouble spots from your business.

Payroll Services

Did you know that making your Payroll RTI returns late can cost you big time?
Not deducting the correct PAYE amount can leave your employees with a tax debt.
Not providing ‘correct’ payslips could cost you a nasty fine.

Not being Auto-Enrolment compliant by your staging date can leave you open to being fined.

Not knowing how and assessing your employees regularly and a critical dates can leave you in breach of your obligations under the Auto-Enrolment scheme.

Payroll experts help protect you from simple but costly payroll errors.

Have Confidence

Do you worry about money?
Are you aware that small administration problems can create disasters?
Did you know that many businesses waste more money than they would actually pay a professional bookkeeper to get it right?

If you answered ‘YES’ to even one of these questions then you could benefit from the help of a good bookkeeper.

Why Us?……We’re Different…

Because We Know that Your Business Is Different

Our initial consultation involves an in-depth analysis regarding your needs and business goals. This will ensure our services are tailored to meet your business requirements.

Top Quality Service

Your ‘business’ is our business and we want to ensure that you get the best service possible. That’s why we are backed by the world’s largest bookkeeping organisation.

A regulated profession, ICB Certified Bookkeepers adhere to the revisions to the Money Laundering Regulations (MLR) in 2007. By providing a bookkeeping service to clients we must:

    • be monitored by an HM Treasury appointed supervisory authority, such as ICB
    • put in place certain controls to identify, prevent and report money laundering offences – known as anti-money laundering or AML

New Balance Bookkeeping also works with carefully selected partners who add value to our profession and help us continue to do great work for businesses like yours.

Our partners are each recognised with a Partner Page on the site.

Fixed Monthly Rate

Our fees are calculated based on the individual service to you the client. You will know up front how much you will be paying each month and no ‘nasty’ surprises. This will help you to budget and free up funds to help you develop your business.

24/7 access to your accounts

Depending on which accounts software you opt for you could have 24/7 access to your financial information via our cloud based accounting packages. Enhance your productivity and decision making with readily available up-to date information.

Why not contact us now to book your FREE consultation